The Devils’ Strong Preseason Rolls Into a Great Scrimmage at Ithaca

The Devils returned to Binghamton on August 18th and began their preseason one week before classes started. For the first time, the club hired a Strength & Conditioning coach to help the men get in top physical condition for the fall. These brutal workouts utilized agility ladders, Bulgarian bags, plyo boxes, resistance bands, foam rollers, a prowler sled, and slosh pipes. The Devils’ week long preseason schedule consisted of one conditioning session in the morning and one regular rugby practice in the late afternoon.

The Devils put some work in with homemade Bulgarian bags

This past Saturday, the men traveled to Ithaca College for an inter-conference scrimmage. There was no question that the extra Strength & Conditioning sessions were worth the hard work as Binghamton Rugby’s A-side outscored Ithaca 24-0 in a 40-minute match. Griffin Ryan, Pierce Butler, Rafi Schulman, and Billy Cusack scored tries for the Devils, and Brandon Healy was 2 for 3 on conversions.

After the A-side finished, both Binghamton and Ithaca had enough players for B-side and C-side sessions. Both teams had strong numbers, but Binghamton had the edge with about 70 players, many of which are new to rugby this year. Our Head of Recruitment, Ashkon Assemi, assisted by Brett Rothberg and Jason McKenna, has done another great job this fall bringing in new players.

BURFC travelled with almost 70 players this weekend!