Pre-season Training Clinic – Fall 2012

By Alex Willen

This Saturday, September 1st will be the 4th annual Binghamton Devils pre-season rugby clinic. Four of the Country’s best player/coaches will travel to Binghamton to host a full day rugby clinic. Myself excluded from the 4, will be 3 US Eagle Pool players, and 1 Australian, who happens to be one of the best players I’ve ever seen on US soil. Because of the pledges of a select few alumni, between 30-50 Devils will have access to the knowledge of some of the best players in the US. I anticipate this to pay dividends in the team’s camaraderie, ability, and fall record. The boys have a tough schedule coming up playing against such teams as St Bonaventure, Rutgers, Stony Brook, and West Point. They can use all the help they can get.

The clinic will focus on a mix of aspects of today’s game ranging from position specific skill work to team phase play. A morning session will be followed by a scrimmage against Ithaca college, a formidable
adversary who’s team roster now grows beyond 50 players. While all Devils are given equal playing time during the game, the visiting coaches and myself will be evaluating individual’s and team play.
After the game, and an hour long recess, an easy afternoon training session will focus on the areas most needed for improvement.

This will prove to be a long day. It is my understanding the Devils are up for the challenge and are looking forward to such a great opportunity. Thank you to those who have contributed not only to this
cause but also the growing Binghamton University Rugby Alumni Association (BURAA).