Fundraising – The Warrior Dash & Rent-a-Rugger

In total, the Devils have fundraised $1,230.00 dollars- only $270.00 shy of the Club goal. Here’s a breakdown of how this was all raised:

fundraisingIn mid August, the Devils sent a crew of ruggers to volunteer at the Warrior Dash race held on Windham Mountain in upstate NY. The day was spent transporting bags of garbage to dumpsters nearby, collecting trash on the grounds, and keeping the concession crews stocked. After a bit of a wait, the check was finally delivered  to Club Sports for $750.00. To date, this has been our single most successful fundraising initiative.

A full write-up by Tyler Downey about the day can be found here.

The remaining $480.00 was fundraised through our new Rent-a-Rugger program. How the program works is a prospective host offers to rent a pre-determined number of ruggers to carry out any manual labor type jobs. 3 Devils helped move Alex Willen from his old residence to a new place in August. Likewise, 2 ruggers were sent to Saratoga to help out John Stoutenburg set up storage units in his garage.

Thank you to both Alex and John for opening up these opportunities for us (and trusting us in your homes!).

If anyone else is interested in renting a rugger, email Jack Smith at