ERC 7s Series Wraps Up With Binghamton 7s

This past weekend, the ERC 7s Series concluded as Binghamton hosted its third annual 7s tournament at the East Gym Track Field. Brockport, Stony Brook, Syracuse, Fordham, Buffalo, and Binghamton all brought one side, while nationally ranked Kutztown contributed two sides. Kutztown’s A team took home the Cup, defeating Fordham in the final 41-14. Buffalo won the Plate over Syracuse by a score of 19-31, and Kutztown B beat Stony Brook 19-15 in the Bowl final.

Binghamton kicked off the tournament against Brockport and set the bar high with a 22-10 victory. Tries scored by Luke Pearson, Alex Mason, Nick Coppola, and Matt Richards put the Devils on top.

Next, Binghamton faced a tough Buffalo team. The match went down to the wire, but unfortunately Matt Richards’ try couldn’t close the second half deficit as The Devils went down 12-5. The following two matches didn’t go much better as Binghamton met Kutztown A and Kutztown B. They suffered losses to both by scores of 27-0 and 31-12. Pierce Butler and Zack Lenane each had a try in the latter game.

Matt Richards touches down his try against Buffalo
Matt Richards touches down a try against Buffalo

In their fifth and final game, the Devils met Brockport for the second time of the day and for the fifth time in the past three weeks. Nick Coppola quickly opened the scoring with an untouched try off of the opening kickoff. Binghamton kept the offense coming with additional tries by Luke Pearson, Brandon Healy, Zack Lenane, and Alex Mason as they came out on top 31-17. The Devils finished with a 2-3 record on the day.

After competing in his last tournament wearing a Binghamton Rugby jersey, former club president and captain, Chris Mallinson, spoke on behalf of his team, “The Devils showed a lot of improvement over the course of the day. They never put their heads down, and they never gave up on a match.”

BURFC also had a high school recruitment event during the tournament directed by alumni Jeremy Coleman and the club’s Head of Recruitment, Ashkon Assemi. 7 potential high school recruits spent the day touring the university’s campus, learning about our club, meeting the players and coaches, and watching some top-notch 7s rugby. Ashkon reported that the recruits had a great experience with the campus and seeing what our club is all about.