Devils Volunteer at Warrior Dash Race on Windham Mountain

On August 11, 2012 a group of Devils were greeted at the Warrior Dash with heavy rain and pre-made sandwiches.  The Warrior Dash is a jacked-up version of a good ole 5k run held at Windham Mountain.  Many proceeds from this event go towards the cost of operations at St. Jude Research hospital.  I was getting amped just walking up the hill towards the main building, as we passed scantily clad, fit, women and men dressed as superheroes.  Unfortunately, we were not running in the race only volunteering.

Overall there were 14 Devils in attendance, not the original hoped for quota of 30, but with many working and going on end of the summer vacations some lack of attendance is forgivable.  Those who attended were Max Khalilullah, Tyler Downey, WIlliam Ware, Christian Randall, Tim Coyne, Tom Sullivan, Ron Fermin, Twin 1, Twin 2, Garrett Adams, Alter Boy, Sam Ahmed, Tyler Poli, Chris Derise.  The majority of us were put on trash duty.  This basically consisted of trucking full trash bags, leaking stale beer, up a hill to the dumpsters (not a bad workout).  Others, such as Alter Boy, were given jobs such as beer pouring and positions behind other stands.

When the rain had settled and the clock approached 6 p.m, it was time to start rallying the troops and collecting our donation money.  It was a very well-planned event by Max, as well as a successful (partial) team bonding session; time was not wasted.  Factors I believe to have affected attendance numbers are, as I previously mentioned, summer vacations, jobs and also the distance (Windham Mountain was around 2 ½ – 3 hours from most).  Regardless, I appreciate and respect those who found the time to come, those who didn’t will have to step-up the fundraising at school. In the future I think an event such as this should be attempted again, whether it is the same race or not, because of the possibility of funds.  First time attempts never go as well as those that follow. Thank you.

Tyler Downey
BURFC Player