Devils Lend a Hand at Local Binghamton Senators Games

The lockout is over and the hockey season has officially begun! Our local Binghamton Senators (B-sens) get ready to take the ice for what will be another exciting season and hopefully playoff contentions. The Devils look to support the local team by volunteering to work during the games.

Many Devils are familiar with the volunteering process at the B-sens games and are more than eager to give a helping hand. With already one game in the book the Devils have taken to this event with a full head of steam. Unfortunately the amount of games we are allowed to help has decreased from earlier years due to the limited time and space that is appropriated towards local fundraising groups. This however has not dampened the Devils spirits.

So here’s how it works. Each game three team members arrive at the stadium promptly a half hour early to be divided among different work stations. The jobs they work can range working the concession stands, to washing dishes, to even frying up some food. These Devils work vigorously up until the end of the second half and in return for their hard work the volunteers are given a meal of their choice. The club itself receives $5 per volunteer per hour which will be totaled at the end of the season and presented in the form of a check to Binghamton University Club Sports to be deposited into the Men’s Rugby Club account.

The Devils are grateful for this opportunity to help out and become an active part of the local community.