Details Announced for Empire 7s Series at Buffalo

Article written by Dan Yarusso and published on Tuesday, 2 April 2013. Check out the Details Announced for Empire 7s Series at Buffalo article on Empire Rugby Conference web site or read below.

Empire 7s released pools and schedule for the Empire 7’s Series at SUNY Buffalo. The tournament will kick off at 1 PM this Saturday April 6th, with the 15’s Conference Champs St. Bonaventure taking on Syracuse University. This will be the first of a two part series with the second part happening next week April 13 at Rutgers University in New Jersey.

Pool A:  St. Bonaventure, Syracuse, Stony Brook, Rutgers

Pool B: Buffalo, Iona, Binghamton, Buffalo State

Pool Standings Determined: 

  • Win = 3 Points
  • Draw = 2 Points
  • Loss = 1 Point
  • Forfeit = 0 Point

Tournament Rules:

  • Ties for 2nd place in the same pool will be resolved by head-to-head, then total tries, tries conceded, and finally dropped goals.
  • Any remaining  2nd place ties will be resolved by drop kick competition.  1st team to miss moves to 3rd.  Details will be provided by tournament organizer at that time.
  • Ties for 1st or 3rd place in the same pool will be determined by coin flip.
  • Red carded players will miss the remainder of the tournament.
  • All decisions of tournament organizer are final.
  • Playoff ties at the end of regulation will be decided by next score wins.


1:45PM – St. Bonaventure vs Syracuse
2:05PM – Buffalo State vs Buffalo
2:25PM – Rutgers vs Stony Brook
2:45PM – Iona vs Binghamton
3:05PM – St. Bonaventure vs Rutgers
3:25PM – Buffalo State vs Iona
3:45PM – Syracuse vs Stony Brook
4:05PM – Buffalo vs Binghamton
4:25PM – St. Bonaventure vs Stony Brook
4:45PM – Buffalo State vs Binghamton
5:05PM – Syracuse vs Rutgers
5:25PM – Buffalo vs Iona
6:45PM – Bowl Semi 1 – Pool B 3rd vs Pool A 4th
7:05PM – Bowl Semi 2 – Pool A 3rd vs Pool B 4th
7:25PM – Cup Semi 1 – Pool A 1st vs Pool B 2nd
7:45PM – Cup Semi 2 – Pool B 1st vs Pool A 2nd
8:05PM – SHIELD – Bowl Semi 1 Loser vs Bowl Semi 2 Loser
8:25PM – BOWL – Bowl Semi 1 Winner vs Bowl Semi 2 Winner
8:45PM – PLATE – Cup Semi 1 Loser vs Cup Semi 2 Loser
9:05PM – CUP – Cup Semi 1 Winner vs Cup Semi 2 Winner