BURFC Takes Their First Win of the Season Against Ithaca

Yes! The Binghamton Devils kicked off their season strong with a win at home in an out-of-conference game against Ithaca College this weekend. With some impressive kicking from flyhalf Brandon Healy and some notable debut performances by the Devils’ latest rookies, Binghamton took the win 25-7.

Coming out of the gate hot, Binghamton was showing some robust offense. Within 10 minutes, Rookie Rory O’Riordan scores the first try of the game with his first A-Side start, and the conversion was made to put the Devils up 7-0. Upon the next kick reception, the ball is muscled upfield where a penalty is drawn and flyhalf Brandon Healy kicks a conversion for 3, giving the Devils a comfortable 10-0 lead fifteen minutes into the game. With a quick response from Ithaca, the ball is turned over by Binghamton shortly after the kickoff and brought in for a try and conversion, putting Ithaca on the board with a score of 10-7. For the next 10 minutes, Binghamton was scrumming hard and drawing some key penalties in the rucks, working their way up the field where a conversion is made yet again by Brandon Healy- setting the score at 13-7. With minutes left in the half, returning outside center Matt Richards scores a game breaking try and the kick is made for 2, and within minutes, scores a second try to cap off the game 25-7.

Following the 40 minute A-Side game, Binghamton takes on Ithaca’s B-Side in two more games. Binghamton’s B-Side fought valiantly against Ithaca in the first, taking a 0-15 loss. However in the second, Binghamton took their second win of the day. With tries from James Cioffi, Zach Sharinn, and Ray Henry, the game is wrapped up 19-0. It was a good day to be a Devil, and a great matchup to prepare Binghamton for their first official Liberty Conference game at Stony Brook University against the Seawolves this Saturday at 8:00pm.