Binghamton Takes Another Win Against Colgate

After a strong win against Stony Brook, our Devils were not planning on taking their foot off the gas anytime soon. As the season begins to really kick off, Binghamton continues to hold their own and show the league what they’ve got, this time against Colgate at home on parents weekend.

Minutes into the first kickoff to start the game, Colgate attempts to kick a conversion to put some points on the board early, but misses. Binghamton responds with a fierce round of defense, receiving more penalties than they might have liked, however drawing a key turnover 15 minutes into the game where inside center Greg Lenane to puts the ball under the post for a try. Flyhalf Brandon Healy makes the conversion, putting the Devils up 7-0 early in the game. Not letting up, eight-man Brian Burke scores a beautiful try and the conversion is made to give the Devils a comfortable 14-0 lead a quarter of the way into the game. Shortly after that, Brian Burke has another fantastic play, running the ball upfield to Colgate’s 22 meter line where Binghamton misses a conversion attempt, which is redeemed by both a try and conversion from Brandon Healy, setting the score at 21-0. Seeing Binghamton take such a lead, Colgate responds with a try and conversion to put 7 points for themselves on the board, but is answered by a try from winger Rory O’Riordan which sets the score at 26-7, Binghamton.

Ready to bring the heat in the second half, Greg Lenane scores another try for Binghamton 5 minutes in where the conversion is made to put the Devils up 33-7. Noticing Binghamton’s hefty lead early in the second half, Colgate responds with another try and a conversion to bring themselves back into the game at 33-14. Showing absolutely no mercy, wingers Sean Greer and Rory O’Riordan both score tries for Binghamton within minutes of each other, putting the Devils up 47 points to 14. However Binghamton doesn’t stop there; Brandon Healy makes a spectacular run the length of the field and kicks a conversion which puts Binghamton up by another 7, Sean Greer scores his second try of the game and the conversion is made this time by Greg Lenane which gives the Devils another 7, and to cap off the game with a bang, fullback Connor Horan scores with 5 minutes left on the clock where Greg Lenane kicks another conversion, ending the second half with a whopping 66 points to 14.

The Devils brought the heat against Colgate in their second ever Liberty Conference matchup, and plan on doing the same this weekend in a big game against SUNY Cortland.