Binghamton Rugby Beats Stony Brook in First Liberty Conference Matchup

The Devils took their talents down to Stony Brook last weekend for their first Liberty Conference matchup against the Seawolves. Feeling hot after their win against Ithaca College the week before, the Devils were ready to prove themselves a force to be reckoned within the new Liberty Conference by taking home a win against the Stony Brook, a long time rival.

As always, the Devils came out hot minutes after the first kickoff with an excellent run up to the opposing 22 meter line by Greg Lenane. Shortly after, Binghamton found themselves in a stalemate with Stony Brook at the 5 meter line, punching the defensive line and muscling their way into the try zone where Spencer Stanulis scores 5 minutes into the game, putting Binghamton up 5-0. Shortly after, Stony Brook puts themselves on the board with a try and a conversion, setting the score at 5-7. After a close call inches away from Binghamton’s try zone, Jason Mckenna forces a turnover and makes an excellent run upfield, shaking the Seawolves’ defense and setting up fullback Connor Horan for a try, giving Binghamton a 10-7 lead. Not long after the kickoff Binghamton finds themselves upfield yet again, this time giving flyhalf Brandon Healy the opportunity to kick for three points, putting the Devils up 13-12. With some excellent scrumming by Binghamton in the minutes following, the forwards seize control of the ball and its sent to the back line where Rory O’Riordan scores a try at wing, wrapping up the first half with a score of 18-12.

For the first few minutes beginning the second half, Binghamton and Stony Brook turn up the heat and each share a couple close calls just outside of their try zones, but Spencer Stanulis breaks the standoff with a try, putting the Devils up 28-12. With 17 minutes left in the game, Brandon Healy kicks a conversion for 3, giving Binghamton a comfortable lead with 31 points to 12. Keeping the heat on, Jason Mckenna has another spectacular run upfield from just inside Binghamton’s 22, this time touching down for a try, putting another 7 points up on the board with the help of a conversion made by Brandon Healy. With minutes left in the half, Stony Brook proves they’re still in the game by scoring a try and setting the score at 38-17. Showing no mercy, Brandon Healy kicks a conversion to end the half with the last laugh, capping off the game at 41-17, Binghamton.

Keeping the reputation alive, Binghamton’s B-Side takes the field and wins an excellent game against the Seawolves’s B-Side 37-18. With an amazing show of strength and endurance by Binghamton in each game, the Devils start the regular season off right. With two wins under their belt, Binghamton plans on going full throttle all season long.